Kat Anderson

Vote Kat Anderson for DCCC on June 7th

Kat Anderson is running for re-election to the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee, representing the west side of San Francisco in the 19th State Assembly District.

First elected in 2012, Kat is committed to making San Francisco a more vibrant and affordable city for all.  She supports common sense candidates who put forth practical solutions to San Francisco’s most pressing issues.  She understands that many residents and small businesses are facing financial hardships and fear that they will be forced to leave the city they call home. She fights for measures that address the rising cost of living and build more affordable housing to ensure our low and middle income residents can stay in the city where they live and work.

Kat regularly volunteers to register new voters, and participates in grassroots campaigning for endorsed candidates and ballot initiatives by phone banking, door knocking and fundraising.  Kat was appointed Recording Secretary shortly after being elected to the DCCC, and for almost four years she has taken minutes at each meeting that are posted on the DCCC website for the public to better understand how decisions are made in their political party. 

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